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  • Art


    Obsessed art lover with art and visiting galleries frequently. The Art & Galleries Group shares art with passionate fans. Share the…
  • Bars
    Explore details about various bars, including their offerings, happy hour promotions, and events or activities they host. (no commercial entries).
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  • Buy & Sell
    Sell or buy new or second-hand products, tickets or collectables.
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  • Cars group for cars, high speed cars, vintage cars and sports cars. Thailand Event Guide
    New cars, vintage cars, sports carts and high-speed vehicles. The cars group connects people with cars.
  • Celebrities Leonardo Di Caprio on Thailand Event Guide
    Find out what happens in the world of celebrity actors and actresses in this forum.
  • Classes & workshops
    Discover various providers offering upcoming classes and workshops in Thailand and easily connect with them.
  • Dating
    Come and join our dating group to meet new friends, engage in interesting conversations, and potentially find your perfect match.…
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  • Thailand Event Guide - Shopping forum.
    Find the best deals and share details about exciting deals, Thailand shopping, hidden shops and hang-out spots for your shopping details.
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  • Thailand design forum on Thailand Event Guide
    Welcome to the design group. Find the newest design trends. Follow design work. Share ideas, show designs and support other members…
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  • DJ Stuff
    I am acquainted with a collective known as DJ Stuff, which is centred around the exploration and celebration of DJ Talent. While it may…
  • Events
    Share your events or event reviews. Review events, give your opinion & tell others why they should attend next time.
  • Experiences
    Post any activities, tours and workshop suggestions that you like to share with your group if you think that other people can benefit…
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  • Food & Wines
    Thailand is a delicious food paradise and a tasty destination for lovers of good food.  Share your tips and info about delicious Thai…
  • Friends, social and dating on Thailand Event Guide
    Meet new friends. Go out together. Enjoy conversations and learn about Thailand.
  • Thailand Event Guide - Gaming Forum.
    Have fun with other esports and gaming fanatics, meet gamers, organize gamer hangouts and discuss what’s up in gaming.
  • Gays & Lesbians (LGBTQ)
    This is the group, in particular, to share events and activities for LGBTQ audiences. Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders? This group is…
  • Health, Spa, Workshops, Wellness Forum. Thailand Event Guide
    Health, Relaxation, Spa, Wellness & Workshops. It is the forum for a healthy way of living. Discover wellness and wellbeing in Thailand.
  • Hotels & Restaurants
    Discover the latest happenings and updates from hotels. Explore excellent accommodation options throughout Thailand. Indulge in…
  • Thailand Event Guide - Innovation Forum.
    Default Forum for the Innovation Forum. Discover or share Non-Tech innovations that can make your life easier.
  • This is me a new member joining the Thailand Event Guide forum.
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  • Employers looking for staff and employees looking for a job or passive income. Thailand Event Guide
    Are you an employer looking for staff or an employee who is looking for a job? Do you look for passive income, temporary job fillers…
  • Lifestyle
    Enjoy discussions about beauty and lifestyle. Find the items that you love and share the passion with your friends.
  • Movies
    The films & streams group is for enthusiasts who love to share the world of film. Share info and knowledge or content and media that…
  • Music
    It’s all about the music! When you are an artist, love music, have gigs or share your knowledge, join the music forum.
  • Music Festivals
    Come join our music festivals group and forums! It's a great place to share upcoming events, discuss your preferences, and…
  • Musicians
    Do you have a passion for music and wish to connect with like-minded individuals? Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this…
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  • News Forum Thailand Event Guide. Discuss, share and upload hand-curated news.
    Share first-hand news. Hand-curated news from different news resources in Thailand and around the world.
  • Thailand Event Guide - Parties and Nightlife Forum.
    Share ideas about where to go and what to do during your Friday night and invite friends here to join your adventure out.
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  • Nightlife
    Post about upcoming parties and nightlife. Share great locations with your friends. Share what’s happening in nightlife across the…
  • Photographers and videographers, selfie makers and Instagram shakers & movers share photography works and videos. Thailand Event Guide
    Welcome to the Photo & Video Group. The Forum for enthusiastic and amateur photographers and videographers, selfie makers and…
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